Canada: Premium quality prevails in the Canadian On Premise

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Source: CGA by NIQ August 29, 2023

CGA by NIQ’s latest Canada On Premise Consumer Pulse Report highlights the opportunity for premium products.

The report highlights how visitors to bars and restaurants are indulging in premium products, despite cost-of-living challenges. With consumers leaning towards quality over quantity, it shows a real opportunity for premium brands to make waves in the Canadian On Premise, in defiance of ongoing challenges. 

The report indicates that a significant portion of consumers intend to purchase either the same quantity or even more premium brands within the next six months. This is an encouraging metric for suppliers seeking to maintain consumer engagement with the premiumization trend.

The most promising opportunities lie within the spirits categories, particularly for Tequila, Gin, and Whiskey. 

Overall, there is a positive outlook on On-Premise visits, as consumers have demonstrated increased satisfaction with the value for money since June 2023. This is encouraging for premium brands, indicating a growing appreciation and appetite for indulging in small luxuries, even if they come with higher price tags.

Mitch Stefani, Client Solutions Director – Americas said: “Premium Spirits continue to attract consumers when out, and the next few months will be telling on how premiumization transitions into 2024. Bar and Restaurant sales traditionally begin to slow in the fall leading into the Winter months, following peaks in the summer. What’s worth monitoring is how premium spend may shift in offsetting the slight decline in foot traffic during winter months.”

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