La Belle et La Boeuf Launches Out-of-this-World Campaign: The Captain Flam Burger Soars to 120,000 Feet

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CNW GroupWed, August 30, 2023 at 6:00 AM EDT·5 min read

MONTREAL, Aug. 30, 2023 /CNW/ – La Belle et La Bœuf, the Canadian restaurant chain renowned for its premium burgers and unique mixology cocktails has launched a never-before-seen campaign that sent one of its signature burgers, Captain Flam into outer space.

pace Combo (CNW Group/La Belle et La Boeuf)

In a pioneering venture orchestrated with UK’s stellar sensation, Sent into Space, and proudly supported by the legendary Coors Light, La Belle et La Bœuf has proven that the sky is not the limit when marketing is concerned.

Marking a historic milestone, they’re now the first restaurant from Canada to launch a burger into space, soaring high, close to 120,000 feet and landed back safely back on the ground. As the burger floated in the cosmos, so did the essence of exploration and daring marketing tactics. La Belle et La Bœuf’s choice to send their celestial emissary, the Captain Flam burger, is nothing short of genius.

Known for their audacious marketing escapades that defy norms, La Belle et La Bœuf has outdone themselves this time by going beyond our planet’s boundaries. To celebrate this awe-inspiring milestone, La Belle et La Bœuf introduces the « Space Combo » – an exquisite duo of the scrumptious Captain Flam burger and the refreshing Coors Light Beer. Starting August 28th, 2023, burger aficionados can indulge in the cosmic delight that that includes combination of grilled beef patty, melted cheese, crispy bacon and special sauce that commemorates this historic achievement at all of their restaurants. Proceeds from the « Space Combo » throughout the month of September (purchased in the restaurant) will be contributed to Les Banques alimentaire du Québec.

« We’re very grateful to La Belle et La Bœuf for approaching us with this collaboration. The company’s generosity comes at a time when our provincial food aid network must respond to a record 2.2 million requests each month. I encourage restaurant customers to take advantage of this attractive offer, which will also help us support those in need. » Martin Munger, General Manager, Les Banques alimentaires du Québec.